Amper Metal Kft. GINOP-2015-00666

Name of beneficiary:

AMPER Metál Elektromos Kivitelező, Karbantartó és Kereskedelmi Kft.

Project title:

Development of a small and medium-power river turbine prototype on the basis of a new Hungarian turbine construction

Amount of aid contracted:    

HUF 37,570,223

Subsidy rate:

50,00 %

Content of the project:
Our project proposal is implemented at the Verebély Road site of the company to modernise the manufacturing process of our electrical products and to expand our production capacity.

The infrastructure required for the operation of the business (pre-production, manufacturing, warehousing) is available at the site of an area of 6,000 square metres.

The tools and devices purchased as a part of the project are in connection with all parts of the manufacturing process (pre-production, manufacturing, measuring, control, etc.). When manufacturing our products we have to adhere to the requirements of the MSZ EN standards, and for this we have to perform I/O and Loop tests, and we will be able to do so using the modern measuring instruments to be purchased.

Ending date of the project:


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