Amper Metal Kft.

Our goal is to increase our production capacity while also focusing on expectations in terms of quality. To this end we continuously deepen our existing knowledge and participate in tendering procedures in order to develop and expand our machinery. Our objective is to be able to gradually increase our customers’ satisfaction. Nevertheless, we insist on the company founder’s value system and on a fair business conduct based on the principle of mutual trust.

Amper Metal Ltd. is 100% Hungarian-owned family business that – together with its predecessors – has been providing industrial, electrical construction and maintenance services to its customers since 1982.

The site and the infrastructure providing the mechanical engineering services were acquired by Amper Metal Ltd. at the end of 2015.

The mechanical engineering department is operating at the site located at Dunaújváros, Papírgyári út 9, in an area of around 17,000 square meters, from which nearly 8,000 square meters form a built-up area (office building, cutting halls, metalwork workshop, paintroom, etc.). In the halls, cranes of a capacity of 3.5, 5, 10 and 25 tons help our daily work.

Our machinery makes it possible the machining of work pieces ranging from small and medium-sized part to large custom size and weight work pieces.

Our headcount is around 60 people.

The scope of activities of the company covers the following areas:

  • Machinery and machine parts manufacturings
  • Steel structure construction
  • Technological adjustment, maintenance
  • Renewing hydraulic cylinders

Our company and its predecessors have been suppliers of Hungarian industrial production and leading Western European machine manufacturing companies for several years. We place great emphasis on building long-term partnerships.

Our activities are aimed at a special segment of mechanical engineering. We primarily manufacture custom machinery and equipment for the steel industry, paper industry and rubber industry, and take part in the renewal and maintenance of such machinery. Since the Hungarian market is quite narrow, we also work for orders arriving from the member states of the European Union to exploit our capacity to the full.